Inverurie Trailer Hire - Collection and Return now Available in Aberdeen
Always call us on 07535 268 276 before visiting to prevent you making a wasted journey. Calls are welcome at evenings and weekends.
We have 3 car transporter trailers, the smallest has a bed size of 4.0m x 1.85m (13ft x 6ft) and is capable of carrying up to 2.1 tonnes. The largest has a bed size of 4.3m x 1.95m (14ft 3in x 6ft 5in) and is fully floored.
We also have a tilt bed car transporter trailer that has a bed size of 4.3m x 1.9m and is also fully floored, in addition to transporting cars this trailer is also suitable for 3 wheeled vehicles, trikes or vehicles with unusual wheel/track designs.
All three car transporter trailers can carry vehicles up to just over 2 tonnes in weight, have two speed manual winches fitted and can be loaded hitched or unhitched. A set of 4 ratchet straps with wheel retaining loops will be supplied for use during the period of the hire.
A tyre rack can be fitted to a car transporter if required (except the tiltbed) at a one off additional charge of £10.
We also have an Ifor Williams CT167 tilting flatbed trailer available for hire. Its bed size is 4.87m x 2.28m (16ft x 7ft 6in), its maximum gross weight is 3.5 tonnes and it can carry a load of up to 2.7 tonnes. This trailer has a 3 tonne winch fitted to it and can be hired with or without dropsides. This is a very versatile trailer that will transport cars, large vans, tractors and 4x4 vehicles. Due to its completely flat design and the optional dropsides it can also carry many other types of cargo.
Our tipper trailer is a quality Ifor Williams TT85 trailer and is operated by remote control making life so much easier, twin axled, 8ft x 5.5ft, capable of carrying two tonnes the trailer has dropsides and can be used for transporting many types of cargo.
The fully enclosed box van trailer (often called towavan trailer) is an Ifor Williams BV84 single axled model which is internally 8ft long by 4ft wide by 5ft high. This trailer has lockable loading doors at both the front and back of the trailer and it can carry a load of up to 1 tonne. We also have a channel that be fitted to this trailer to allow it to safely transport motorcycles completely protected from both the weather and prying eyes.
We also have a conventional motorbike trailer manufactured by Trelgo which can carry a single motorcycle up to 275kg in weight. As the trailer only has a gross weight of 350kg it can be towed by a driver with the newer type of driving licence without having passed a trailer test.
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